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Growing up, I loved biology and was obsessed with wild life books, Animal Planet, David Attenborough and animals. When I was six, Mum and Dad rescued Nipper, a Jack Russell who had been badly mistreated. She was the sorriest looking dog we had ever seen. She was thin, had hardly any fur and looked so much older than her real age. Despite all of this, she immediately became my best friend and I loved her to bits. With visits to the vet, lots of cuddles and TLC, she flourished into a happy healthy waggy tailed dog. Watching Nipper's transformation made me realize that I could be involved in working this kind of magic forever. As soon as I finished my A-levels, I joined the Ashwood team. I studied to become a veterinary nurse and I've been helping people with their own little Nippers ever since!
Joined: 2011
From: Dundonald
Enjoys: Keeping fit
Fact: Isn't actually called Bex!
When I was young, I loved spending holidays on my friend’s farm, helping with the animals. Once, enthusiastically running to see her new puppy, I tripped and cut my head. I still have a mark but it’s a reminder of the excitement and how much I love animals too. So you could say that animals have left their mark on me in more ways than one! I think it must really come from my mum, as she is a mega animal fan and I’ve had pets ever since I can remember. Now, I just love making a difference to the lives of animals. I started out working on our reception, now I’m a veterinary nurse and I love it. I've recently trained as a cat advocate as part of our goal to make Ashwood an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic.
Joined: 2011
From: Killinchy
Enjoys: Organising us
Fact: Anna is our cat advocate!
From the grand age of 2 years old, I've always had a passion for animals great and small. My mum's purse was broken from buying me toy animal figures and farm sets. She even caught me a few times stealing all the toilet roll to bandage up my stuffed dog Biffa! My animal figures and stuffed teddies have now been replaced with my own personal zoo. I am the proud owner of 3 dogs, 2 cats, a chinchilla, and a horse. So when I come home in the evenings I am greeted with muddy paws, doggie kisses, kitty snuggles, small furry nibbles and horsey cuddles... which is great!! I have now joined the Ashwood family and I can't think of a better place to be as everyone is just as crazy about animals as I am! Wearing my uniform with my RVN badge in tow makes me feel proud that I can offer help and support to both pets and people and I am loving every minute of doing so.
Joined: 2017
From: Benburb
Enjoys: Horse-riding
Fact: She's absolutely terrified of spiders!
It was while watching episode after episode of Animal Planet that something clicked for me. We didn’t really have pets until I was 16, when we got a wonderful black lab puppy called Alfie. I’ve just recently rescued another lab puppy called Harvey and he’s crazy! (and super-happy). I just love to help animals in any way I can, and so I’m very lucky to be working at Ashwood with Patrick and the team. I’m now a student veterinary nurse and I really have never looked back.
Joined: 2014
From: Newtownards
Enjoys: Being outside
Fact: She hates tea and coffee
Norma grew up in Fermanagh and is the heart of the Ashwood team (she’s the sticky stuff that holds us all together) and has been here from day dot. She has previously had a career as a renal transplant nurse in the City hospital (she could tell you anything you need to know about kidneys!) and then went on to become a matron to the boys boarding at Methodist College. Norma is a busy bee, when she’s not in the prep room nursing our fluffy patients she’s at reception chatting to clients. In her spare time Norma loves gardening and enjoys going out for coffee with friends (she has a better social life than all of us put together!). Norma has owned cats all of her life and currently has a lovely big 3 legged feline called Archie who adores lazing about and sunning himself in the garden.
Joined: Veterinary Nursing
From: 2009
Enjoys: Fermanagh/Bangor
Fact: Good company, good food.
Request An Appointment: Norma knows the famous actor Jamie Dornan and has met the lovely Keira Knightley!