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Cat Booster Vaccinations

This page provides you with basic information about what vaccinations your cat needs and when. If you would like to read in more detail about this subject and Ashwood's policy on vaccination, please check out our article heregreytabbycat

    1. What vaccinations does my kitten need?

Your kitten requires two injections three to four weeks apart, with the first being given no earlier than 9 weeks' old. The total cost for both of these injections is £48. You can get this and much more in our Essential Kitten Pack for only £50.

    1. Does my cat need a booster every year?

The simple answer is yes. If your cat has gone much longer than a year without having a booster vaccination, they may need to restart the course. You can discuss this with your vet whenever you bring your cat in for a consultation.

    1. Does my cat need to be vaccinated against feline leukaemia?

Yes. Feline leukaemia virus is common and here in Northern Ireland we have a large number of feral cats who may transmit the infection. Although indoor cats have a lower risk of contracting feline leukaemia, there is still a risk and so we routinely include it as part of our vaccination protocol.

    1. How much does an annual booster vaccination cost?

We currently charge £32 for a booster vaccination. This includes a full veterinary clinical examination, advice on your pet's health and life-stage, and time for you to discuss any concerns that you may have.

    1. What diseases does the vaccination protect against?

Vaccination protects against feline parvovirus (also known as feline panleukopaenia virus), cat flu, and feline leukaemia virus.

  1. Do I need to book an appointment?

It is best to book an appointment so that you aren't kept waiting. You can do this by phoning Kelly on 02890 419374 or e-mailing us at  and letting us know a time that suits you.