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K Laser

We are very excited to announce that we have recently invested in a Cube 4 Performance K laser here at Ashwood. This is the most powerful class 4 medical therapeutic laser in existence, and Ashwood is one of only three sites in the UK where Cube 4 K Laser treatment is available. The K laser is a completely non-invasive treatment and you can usually be with your pet while they are treated. Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the tissue to increase blood supply to the area, speed up wound healing, and reduce inflammation. If you would like to know in more detail how the K laser works, see our handy article here.

K laser treatment takes place in one of the therapy rooms Get 6 K Laser Sessions for £100and you are in and out in less than 15 minutes. You are usually able to be with your pet throughout their treatment, which most animals find enjoyable as the K laser creates a pleasant warming sensation on the skin. K laser can be used on almost any type of illness or injury, with just a few examples given below:

  • Postoperatively to reduce recovery time, minimise discomfort and get your pet back to full health more quickly.
  • To ease the pain of chronic conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain and back injuries.
  • To reduce inflammation in cases of inflammatory bowel disease, cystitis, and many more conditions.

A K laser treatment ordinarily costs £25, but we are currently running a special offer whereby you can get 2 free treatments when you buy 4. That's 6 treatments for just £100 when paid for up front. Click on the button above to get Kelly to contact you about our 4+2 free K-laser deal. In addition to this, if you would like your pet is in for an operation and you would like them to receive a K laser treatment postoperatively, we offer this at a massively reduced price of just £12. 

If you think your pet may benefit from this treatment or if you just want a bit more information, please give us a call on 02890 419374, or e-mail us at .

We have had great interest in this treatment so far and the results already speak for themselves. The following is a testimonial from one of our clients, whose dog Ruby received laser treatment for a chronic wound:

"It has been miraculous. After three sessions, in just 6 days her wound has decreased by 3cm in length and by 1cm in width. The appearance of the scab is healthier and the wound feels warm now as opposed to being cold before. We cannot thank Ashwood Vets enough, there is still a long way to go but now we can see light at the end of the tunnel."

You may also have seen Arnie's story in the July edition of the Loop magazine. Crippling arthritis meant that Arnie could no longer walk as much as he wanted or climb stairs. However, after just three sessions of laser treatment Arnie was able to successfully manage the stairs once again! Arnie's owners Laurence and Elaine Colhoun had this to say:

"After the first 6 K laser treatments, Arnie's mobility had massively increased and it was evident that his confidence was back. Arnie will be continuing with K laser top-up treatments long-term as the effect on his mobility and confidence is so obvious. I would thoroughly recommend K laser. Thanks to all the staff at Ashwood vets for their help."