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Ongoing Medication

If your pet requires a repeat prescription, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. You can do this by giving Kelly a ring on 02890 419374 or e-mailing us at

(You can buy supplements, ear washes, and other non-restricted items 'over the counter' from Kelly at any time). 

For pets that require ongoing medication, these are the professional guidelines by which we prescribe.

  1. Three Months at a Time
  2. In most cases, once an appropriate dose has been established and we are in regular contact with you, we will be happy to dispense up to three months' medication at a time.

  3. Six Month Checks
  4. In order to comply with RCVS professional guidelines, we are not able to dispense or prescribe medications if your pet has not attended a professional vet consultation within the last six months. A consultation for ongoing medication assessment normally costs £29.80. We will apply a reduced charge of £24.66 if the medication is being paid for at the time (i.e. we are not waiting for a payment from the insurance company). 

  5. Two Week Discretionary Dispensing
  6. If your pet has not had a veterinary consultation within the last six months but you have run out of medication and cannot bring them in immediately, we may, at the vet's discretion and after speaking with you to discuss your pet's health, dispense up to two weeks' medication. We will do this, at our discretion, a maximum of two times.

  7. Recommended Blood Tests

With most pets on ongoing medication, we strongly recommend at least a core blood profile when they are seen by the vet every six months. This core test costs around £45. Other blood tests are sometimes also advised depending on the type of medication your pet is on.