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Ashwood Veterinary Clinic Services

In addition to our full medical and surgical services, we also offer a range of supplementary services including:IMG 2002 500x270

Free New Puppy and Kitten Health Checks

We would love to meet your new family member and get them off to a good start in life. It’s important to check for congenital defects and get some vet advice on vaccinations, worming, feeding, training and anything else you are concerned about.

If you have a new puppy, check out our Puppy Essential Health and Vaccination Package.

Huge savings with this pack - reduced from around £140 to only £50!

If you have a new kitten, check out our Kitten Essential Health and Vaccination Package.

Huge savings with this pack - reduced from around £96 to only £50!

These are the best value and highest quality complete Puppy and Kitten Packs you will find anywhere.

Free Weight Loss Clinics and Dental Checks

These clinics are run by Bex and Anna, two of our nurses. If you think your pet may be overweight we can help. Bex and Anna can provide regular weight checks and lots of advice and support to help your pet get back to a healthy weight. Bex and Anna can also check your pet's teeth for you, as dental problems are very common in our pets. They can give you advice on your pet's dental health or book you an appointment with a vet if a problem is identified. 

24 Hour Emergency Service

A dedicated night-time and weekend emergency service is provided for us by Vets Now, operating from the Belmont Road. Their number, only for use outside Ashwood's opening hours, is 028 9065 1729. This service is separate from any hospitalised animals we may be looking after at Ashwood.

Pet Insurance Advice

We strongly recommend that pet owners take out pet health insurance, preferably from a young age before any signs of illness are present. Good veterinary care can be expensive, and you don't want to be worrying about money when your pet is ill or has an accident. There are lots of different insurance companies to choose from and they vary immensely in the cover they provide. We can give you advice on the things to look for when choosing a policy.

Pet Passports

If you want to take your pet abroad they will need to have a pet passport. If you would like more information give us a ring and we can go through what is involved with you. We also recommend looking up the DEFRA website which has all the official information.


We understand that saying goodbye to a loved pet can be very difficult – you are losing a member of the family. Whether you would prefer us to arrange a quiet time at the surgery, a home visit or to simply leave your pet with us we will try to do what you feel is best. If you want to know more about what’s involved or to get details of our cremation service, please phone or call in. We understand that making decisions about euthanasia can be very difficult and we would be happy to talk it through with you.