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The Ashwood Promise

You and Your Pet

    1. We will treat your pet with care, as if they were our own.
    2. We will listen to your concerns.
    3. Every pet needing surgery will receive effective pain relief.
    4. Every pet needing a general anaesthetic will be closely monitored.
    5. We will help you, if your pet needs home medication.
    6. Every pet staying overnight in hospital enjoys aromatherapy and will have a choice of CoolFM or ClassicFM.  They will have a treatment plan with appropriate checks/medications and be monitored using the hospital cameras as needed.
    7. Treatment Options and Costs

    8. We will discuss with you the treatment options available for your pet, our patient. We recognise that there is often a choice of ways forward with differing costs.
    9. We will always recommend the best treatment options in the interests of your pet.
    10. We will never suggest a treatment or procedure which we do not think is in the best interests of your pet.
    11. We will never make you feel under pressure to take any treatment option you are not comfortable with. We will discuss all options openly with you and reach a joint decision on the treatment plan. We will try to give clear guidance as to the expected costs of any proposed treatments.


    • Payment is due at the time services are rendered.
    • We accept cards.
    • We accept advance payments on account.
    • 70% of our clients have pet insurance which is something we strongly recommend. We usually handle our client's insurance claims for them so that they are not 'out of pocket' waiting for payments to come through and so they don't have to worry about the administration side of their pet insurance. Speak to us for guidance regarding pet insurance.