24/7 Veterinary Advice from VidiVet

Ashwood has partnered with VidiVet to offer our registered clients access to FREE digital vet support 24/7.

To access the VidiVet service please contact the clinic to get your unique sign up link!


Unsure if you need to go to the emergency vets?
Unsure of what to do when we’re closed?
Unsure about a medication?

VidiVet delivers veterinary expertise, 24/7. Ask away and receive a personalised video response from their UK-qualified vet team in a matter of moments, all via the VidiVet app.

No more Dr Google!

The best thing about it, is it’s FREE! 
We see so much value in VidiVet that we are paying whenever you need to use it, so it will never cost you a penny. There are no hidden charges, nor any subscription fees that you as our client will need to pay!

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