Client Care Specialists

All of our reception needs are met by our amazing team of receptionists. Kelly, Lisa and Molli all have different backgrounds but work so well together and will always greet you with a smile!

All of our reception needs are met by the amazing Kelly.

Kelly Brown - RVR

I had always wanted Pugs since as early as I can remember, though it wasn't until I moved to my own house that it happened. Imagine my delight when a gorgeous little fawn puppy arrived making my dream come true. Max brought us such joy. I already knew that more would follow. Sadly we had to let Max go a couple of years ago and we miss him dearly. We’ve still got two dogs, a cat and two kids so life’s pretty busy in our house! Being part of the Ashwood team is something I love (and you’ll really make my day if you bring in a pug to see us!)

Molli Mercer

Growing up, my mum fostered a multitude of different animals and I learnt a lot about how to care for them from a young age. Having attended Equine college at 16 years old I still had my heart set on working with small animals one day. I moved to Australia when I was 21, worked up and down the east coast, and qualified as an Australian Veterinary Nurse. After living there for 7 years I made the long journey home with my now husband Brendan, and my rescue Collie X Kelpie, Cinder. I love creating relationships with clients and showing compassion for any animal that comes through the front door. I am so grateful to work at Ashwood as it's such a friendly, fun & knowledgeable clinic, and most of all they are all as smitten with Cinder as I am!

Lisa Stewart - RVR

When I was a little girl I watched the movie 'All Dogs Go to Heaven'. Ever since then I knew that German Shepherds were the breed for me. My boys and I have a lovely black Shepherd called Riot who definitely lives up to his name & keeps us on our toes. He loves to make friends with all humans and animals and is the happiest big boy. I am so lucky to have the privilege of getting to look after all our clients and their pets as I love getting to know them all. There is nothing I enjoy more than a cuddles with the puppies and kittens and a chat with our lovely clients.
After lots of studying and hard work I qualified as a Registered Veterinary Receptionist in 2021 and I wear my badge with pride. I am so confident in my role and I am very proud of myself for my achievement.