K Laser Therapy

Cool Doggles and Goggles

Wearing the doggles is not essential, but some dogs are just so cool

Kathryn is always up for a snuggle

K laser treatment can done in your arms, whilst having a cuddle!

Bex & Freda

Apparently being a vet nurse is hard work!!

Non-invasive and drug free treatment for arthritis, wounds, muscle injuries and more!

 The Cube 4 Performance K Laser at Ashwood is the most powerful class 4 medical laser in existence.

You and your pet can relax together as powerful infrared radiation gently penetrates deep into the tissue increasing blood supplyspeeding up wound healing, & reducing inflammation

A K laser treatment ordinarily costs £25, but we are currently running a special offer whereby you can get 2 free treatments when you buy 4. That’s 6 treatments for just £100 when paid for up front. 

Please give us a call on 02890 419374, or e-mail us at hello@ashwoodvets.com or Book Here.

We get great results.

It has been miraculous. After three sessions, in just 6 days her wound has decreased by 3cm in length and by 1cm in width. The appearance of the scab is healthier and the wound feels warm now as opposed to being cold before. We cannot thank Ashwood Vets enough, there is still a long way to go but now we can see light at the end of the tunnel.
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Philip Neill
Ruby's Owner
After the first 6 K laser treatments, Arnie's mobility had massively increased and it was evident that his confidence was back. Arnie will be continuing with K laser top-up treatments long-term as the effect on his mobility and confidence is so obvious. I would thoroughly recommend K laser. Thanks to all the staff at Ashwood vets for their help.
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Laurence and Elaine Colhoun
Arnie's Owners
K Laser is a non-invasive treatment for arthritis, muscle injuries and more
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