Orthopaedic & Soft Tissue Surgery

We offer advanced orthopaedic, soft tissue and cancer surgery and we are happy to see second opinion and referral cases in these areas. Of course, we also offer all routine surgical procedures, including neutering, dentistry, etc. Feel free to get in touch with a member of the team today to book a surgical consultation and discuss the options available for your pet.

Services - We are able to offer advanced surgery at Ashwood

Our Services

Fracture surgery, Cruciate injury, Patellar luxaion, Twisted legs (Angular Limb Deformity)

Cruciate Injury TPLO

Arguably the most robust form of Cranial Cruciate surgery with very good results. Corrects the slope of the tibial plateau.

Cruciate Injury TTA

A good bone cutting procedure making a positive alteration to the mechanics of the stifle joint in cases of Cranial Cruciate Rupture. Good results.

Cruciate Injury Lateral Suture

A form of treating Cranial Cruciate rupture where a prosthetic ligament is placed to do the job of the damaged cruciate. Results can be good, but generally not as reliable as  tecniques which alter joint dynamics.

Patellar Luxation

Wedge Sulcoplasty, Tibial crest transposition, retinacular release and imbrication

Angular Limb Deformity

Wedge osteotomies, and releasing osteotomies

Broken Bones

External Fixation, Internal Fixation, Locking Fixation

Time is of the essence

Orthopaedic conditions often require prompt intervention to minimise the development of arthritis and further degeneration. Act now.

Services - We are able to offer advanced surgery at Ashwood
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