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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our first seasonal newsletter. We hope to release a newsletter each season updating you on the...
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Vet Nurses - Bex McMurray
Congratulations to our very own Bex McMurray who, following a very tough application process and a series of interviews comprising...
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Hungry cat

4 “Tell-Tale” signs of Hyperthyroid cats & offer

4 "Tell-Tale" signs of Hyperthyroid cats & special offer Hi folks. Have you got an older cat? If so, keep...
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Welcome to our new site!

Hi everyone and welcome to our new Ashwood website, designed and coded completely by me! It has taken many months...
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Exclusive Offer!

To support our updated recommendation of monthly worming and flea/tick treatments in dogs, we are offering two exceptional deals. Buy two worming...
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Lungworm Reported Locally

Good morning everyone! We’ve had reported lungworm cases in the local area and I wanted to emphasise the importance of...
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Canine Lungworm Strikes Again

Don’t you find our furry canine friends spend much of every day sniffing and licking things they probably shouldn’t? Here at...
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