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Chloe McCrory (RVN, Level 3 K9HS) Hydrotherapist & Registered Veterinary Nurse
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What is involved in hydrotherapy session?

The first session will involve a detailed analysis of your pet’s lifestyle, current abilities and challenges and will engage with their current medical situation. It will also involve an introduction to the hydrotherapy suite environment, equipment and water. Subsequent sessions will follow a detailed therapeutic development plan to improve your dog’s strength, comfort and confidence.

Can I bring my dog just for a swim?

Yes. Here’s how we do it at Ashwood – every session is properly structured. It’s lots of fun for the dogs (and owners) and the sessions are tailored to benefit and strengthen the dog physically and psycologically. This will build confidence not only in the water but also on dry land and at home too. It also will improve  their interactions with you, their owner. Above all, we want your dog to enjoy their experience in safety and grow in ability, comfort and confidence.

Do you take referrals?

We accept hydrotherapy referrals from other Veterinary Practices. At Ashwood, many of our geriatric patients and orthopaedic surgery cases benefit from hydrotherapy and your dog can too. 

Will my pet insurance pay for hydrotherapy?

Insurance companies often will cover these sessions, however we cannot guarantee what level of cover your insurance company provides in this area. Sessions are paid for at reception in advance. We are happy to help you by submitting your insurance claim for you.