Vet Nurses

We have an amazing nursing team that holds everything together at Ashwood. They ensures the highest standards of medical care and have specialisms in surgery, anaesthetics, rehabilitation, kidney disease & dentistry. You may be surprised at what our nurses are qualified for, trained in and capable of!

Anna Baker - RVN and Head Nurse
NCert Anaesth., Cat Advocate & Surgical Nurse

When I was young, I loved spending holidays on my friend’s farm, helping with the animals. Once, enthusiastically running to see her new puppy, I tripped and cut my head. I still have a mark but it’s a reminder of the excitement and how much I love animals too. So you could say that animals have left their mark on me in more ways than one! I think it must really come from my mum, as she is a mega animal fan and I’ve had pets ever since I can remember. Now, I just love making a difference to the lives of animals. I started out working on our reception, now I’m a veterinary nurse and I love it. I've recently trained as a cat advocate as part of our goal to make Ashwood an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic.

Molli Berry- RVN, Acting Team Leader and Social Media & Online Engagement Architect

Growing up, my mum fostered a multitude of different animals and I learnt a lot about how to care for them from a young age. Having attended Equine college at 16 years old I still had my heart set on working with small animals one day. I moved to Australia when I was 21, worked up and down the east coast, and qualified as an Australian Veterinary Nurse. After living there for 7 years I made the long journey home with my now husband Brendan, and my rescue Collie X Kelpie, Cinder. I love creating relationships with clients and showing compassion for any animal that comes through the front door. I am so grateful to work at Ashwood as it's such a friendly, fun & knowledgeable clinic, and most of all they are all as smitten with Cinder as I am!

Kathryn McGreevy - RVN, Acting Team Leader, Surgical Nurse & Pharmacy Liaison Officer

It was while watching episode after episode of Animal Planet that something clicked for me. We didn’t really have pets until I was 16, when we got a wonderful black lab puppy called Alfie. I just love to help animals in any way I can, and I love working at Ashwood with Patrick and the team. I love developing my skills as a Surgical Nurse and seeing the results of helping my patients live a better quality of life. I'm undertaking further advanced studies in nurse surgery and enjoying every minute of it. Since the end of my 3 years of academic nursing studies and qualifying as a registered veterinary nurse I really have never looked back.

Laura-Marie Eakin - RVN & Acting Team Leader

As a child I always wanted to work with animals, be it as a zookeeper, vet, dog-walker, nurse... the list went on and the role of choice changed each week! After a detour into the acting world and having played a nurse on Emmerdale a few times (oh, the irony!); I decided to take the leap, follow my heart and change my career to Veterinary Nursing. After volunteering with the RSPCA in England, I moved to Northern Ireland in 2015 and began my nursing journey at Greenmount College on the Animal Nursing Assistant course. That diploma confirmed for me that Veterinary Nursing was the job I wanted and so I went on to the Veterinary Nursing diploma course in 2018 and haven't looked back since! I'm delighted to be fully qualified now and shall wear my RVN badge with pride! I joined the Ashwood family in July 2021 and I'm so thrilled and honoured to be part of such an incredible team of truly passionate and caring people.

Fiona Bailey - RVN & Neonatal Specialist

For as long as I can remember, animals have been my entire world. Having always wanted to work with them, being a veterinary nurse just made sense! I feel privileged to say that I do a job that I genuinely love and am proud to be an RVN. At home I have a cocker spaniel called Indigo, a pug called Ravioli, a chihuahua called Trouble and a cat called Joni Mitchell.I have a very keen interest in neonatal nursing and am usually fostering orphaned newborn puppies & kittens for Dogs Trust, Cats Protection and many other charities! I’m delighted to be part of the dedicated team here at Ashwood.

Laura Girvan - Student Vet Nurse

I have always been a huge animal lover. I grew up with everything from cats and dogs to guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters and toads, and I now have two cats and a dog (and two kids!) of my own. But after studying archaeology, and later conservation, at university I ended up working in an office environment for 15 years. I finally took the risk and left to pursue my dream job, studying to become an animal nursing assistant before coming to Ashwood to be a student nurse. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be part of the team! Getting to work with the loveliest bunch of professional, intelligent people is a dream come true!

Debbie Burden - RVN & CertVNECC (Emergency and Critical Care)

Despite studying languages with a view to becoming a teacher, I soon knew I had to change direction completely and veer towards a career dedicated to my first love, animals! So, at the grand age of 31, I was lucky enough to start studying veterinary nursing. Since qualifying as a RVN in 2014, I have been able to experience general practice nursing and referral nursing as well as completing my post qualification Certificate in Emergency and Critical care last year at the age of 42. I think I am testament to the adage that you are never too old to do what you love! I feel so privileged to be a part of the Ashwood family and I'm looking forward to meeting and helping more of the lovely clients and their furry family members!

Lisa Stewart - Student Vet Nurse

When I was a little girl I watched the movie 'All Dogs Go to Heaven'. Ever since then I knew that German Shepherds were the breed for me. My boys and I have a lovely black Shepherd called Riot who definitely lives up to his name & keeps us on our toes. He loves to make friends with all humans and animals and is the happiest big boy. I am so lucky to have the privilege of getting to look after all our clients and their pets as I love getting to know them all. There is nothing I enjoy more than a cuddles with the puppies and kittens and a chat with our lovely clients. After lots of studying and hard work I qualified as a Registered Veterinary Receptionist in 2021 and look forward to one day being a Registered Veterinary Nurse.

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