Vet Nurses

We have an amazing nursing team that holds everything together at Ashwood. They ensures the highest standards of medical care and have specialisms in surgery, anaesthetics, rehabilitation, kidney disease & dentistry. You may be surprised at what our nurses are qualified for, trained in and capable of!

Bex McMurray, RVN & Head Nurse

Growing up, I loved biology and was obsessed with wild life books, Animal Planet, David Attenborough and animals. When I was six, Mum and Dad rescued Nipper, a Jack Russell who had been badly mistreated. She was the sorriest looking dog we had ever seen. She was thin, had hardly any fur and looked so much older than her real age. Despite all of this, she immediately became my best friend and I loved her to bits. With visits to the vet, lots of cuddles and TLC, she flourished into a happy healthy waggy tailed dog. Watching Nipper's transformation made me realise that I could be involved in working this kind of magic forever. As soon as I finished my A-levels, I joined the Ashwood team. I studied to become a veterinary nurse and I've been helping people with their own little Nippers ever since!​

Kathryn McGreevy, RVN, Surgical Nurse & Pharmacy Liaison Officer

It was while watching episode after episode of Animal Planet that something clicked for me. We didn’t really have pets until I was 16, when we got a wonderful black lab puppy called Alfie. I’ve just recently rescued another lab puppy called Harvey and he’s crazy! (and super-happy). I just love to help animals in any way I can, and I love working at Ashwood with Patrick and the team. I love developing my skills as a Surgical Nurse and seeing the results of helping my patients live a better quality of life. I'm undertaking further advanced studies in nurse surgery and enjoying every minute of it. Since the end of my 3 years of academic nursing studies and qualifying as a registered veterinary nurse I really have never looked back.

Kathryn Kincaid, Student Veterinary Nurse

Vet Nurses - Anna Baker

Anna Baker, RVN, Cat Advocate & Surgical Nurse

When I was young, I loved spending holidays on my friend’s farm, helping with the animals. Once, enthusiastically running to see her new puppy, I tripped and cut my head. I still have a mark but it’s a reminder of the excitement and how much I love animals too. So you could say that animals have left their mark on me in more ways than one! I think it must really come from my mum, as she is a mega animal fan and I’ve had pets ever since I can remember. Now, I just love making a difference to the lives of animals. I started out working on our reception, now I’m a veterinary nurse and I love it. I've recently trained as a cat advocate as part of our goal to make Ashwood an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic.​

Stephanie Pickup, RVN

I come from a family of animal lovers. I cannot recall a time growing up where we didn't have something 4 legged and fluffy running around, usually a poor little stray I had coerced my parents into taking in.I currently have a very aloof black cat called Leonard and a Fox Red Labrador called Skye, along with several tropical fish. Having made the transfer from the human medical field to animal nursing I quickly realised that I had found my calling amongst out furry friends. Whilst I love all aspects of Veterinary Nursing I have a keen interest in Medical Nursing and especially love Emergency work. I am hoping to undertake further studies in surgical nursing procedures and in medical and emergency nursing so I can keep my knowledge and training as up to date as possible. I have worked in several different practices over the years, both in Northern Ireland and across the pond in England. Since coming on board s a Senior Veterinary Nurse at Ashwood Vets in August 2020 it was clear from the beginning that out primary focus is your pet and I am so proud to be a member of such a fantastic team.

Aileen Hogg, Student Veterinary Nurse

I have worked in veterinary since 2016 and since the beginning I have known it was the career for me! Although loving every aspect of my job, my favourite thing is that no day is ever the same. I have an interest in exotic animals so if there is ever any exotics brought into the clinic you can bet I'll be the nurse on the case! I have a cat at home, Eve. She was originally handed into my old practice on New Years Eve at only 12 weeks old. I instantly fell in love and had to take her home! She's now 3 years old and living her best life!After 4 years of studying, I am now in my final year of becoming a Registered Veterinary Nurse and I can't wait to enhance my skills and become the best nurse I can be. Having worked in clinics all over the UK, I feel so lucky to work in such a friendly clinic like Ashwood. I've made such good friends & memories since starting here back in 2019.

Lucy McFrederick, Level 3 Canine Hydrotherapist

Hi, I'm Lucy and I am a Level 3 qualified canine hydrotherapist. I have always had a strong love for animals, especially dogs! It never occurred to me that working with them would be real job, that idea always seemed like a dream too good to be true. After doing my A-Levels, I jumped from different jobs trying to find something that suited me until I decided I wanted to do something in a veterinary practice. I started volunteering once a week at Ashwood, loving every minute and originally had the idea of studying to become a nurse. This was when I was introduced to the hydrotherapy pool and I never looked back! I fell in love with the work and the idea of helping dogs recover from issues that would make them stiff or sore. A lot of people say I have found my niche and I think that is a perfect expression for it! I've finally found my dream job. 🙂 I'm currently studying for the Level 5 qualification in hydrotherapy and can't wait to apply all my extra knowledge to helping our patients be better versions of themselves and have a new lease of life. On the weekends you will probably find me at Castlewellan, my favourite place to walk and I’ll never not be seen without my fluffy companion Maisy the Bichon!