Ashwood boasts a diverse team of vets with different interests & specialisms from orthopaedic surgery to cardiology, but all of us share a tremendous love for animals and we promise to treat your pet as if they were our own.

Vets - Patrick McKee

Dr Patrick McKee - BSc BVetMed MRCVS

I knew I would be a vet the moment my wonderful collie/retriever cross Apple came out of Margaret’s surgery that afternoon, the wound in her chest repaired and the worry and anxiety of the accident now in the past. The care with which she was treated and the wonder of an open wound precision repaired stayed with me from that day. When Rebecca and I opened Ashwood in 2009 we knew it was this type of care and professionalism which we would provide for family pets. When you come with your pet to see us, you are part of our family and it is this ethos that underpins Ashwood and which I love.

Vets - Rebecca McKee

Dr Rebecca McKee - BVetMed MRCVS

Flopsy had been my beautiful pet rabbit since my sixth birthday. She was only three when she suddenly stopped moving one day; I didn’t know at the time that she had a tumor inside. I was devastated when she passed away and I decided that day that I wanted to be able to fix animals. My first day of work experience was when I was at high school. It was at our local vets. It turned out to be a day of surgery, operating on a dog with a damaged eye (the other student who was with me fainted, went home and never came back!) but I loved every minute of it. I could see past the wound, to the result of the surgery and my mind was made up. The vet had transformed damage and pain into restoration and healing. Helping injured animals felt amazing. I wanted to be a vet. Now, every single day with a super team around us, we help pets and people; and our whole team cares. I’m loving it and we haven’t looked back.​

Dr Niall Thompson - MVB CertAVP MRCVS

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to have pets. It took such a long time convincing my parents, but eventually at 7 years old I was allowed to get... a goldfish named Jerry! Spending most weekends helping on my grandparents' farm, I often saw the vet come out to treat all sorts of animals. I decided at the age of 14 that I too would be a vet, and that once that dream was realised I would get my first dog. While studying at University College Dublin, I did a lot of work experience in Ashwood Vets and loved it. The staff were friendly and the animals were looked after to the highest standard. I remember saying to Ruth (my then girlfriend, now wife!) 'I would love to work there someday.' It's been a long road but now I've got the dog (a beautiful terrier called Penny) and the job!​

Dr Beatriz Garcia Torresano - MRCVS

I have wanted to be a Vet since I was a little girl as my father was an avid animal lover and my grandad was a farmer in Spain. I grew up in Spain, and after graduating Complutense University of Madrid in 2016 I made the move to Northern Ireland in 2019 with my beloved rescue cat, Toulouse. My partner Conor and I love to get away on weekends whether is a quick trip to Donegal or a visit back to Madrid, we always have fun! I joined Ashwood in 2021 and I am so grateful for the friendships I have made so far and I am so glad to be a part of the big Ashwood Family.

Dr Louise King - BVM&S MRCVS

I've always wanted to be a Vet, so I worked hard to achieve my dream. I started working at Ashwood in August 2019 after working in a couple of different clinics. When I started at Ashwood I had just finished my maternity leave after having my beautiful daughter, Lucy. I have an Irish Red Setter called Rosie and I love taking her for long walks on forest tracks. I'm currently on maternity leave as my husband Matthew and I have just welcomed our son Tom into our family.