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What is Ashwood Pet Club?

Ashwood Pet Club is for day to day peace of mind. You don't have to worry about consult fees or the cost of vaccinations, parasite control or health checks.
Not only does our Pet Club offer UNLIMITED consultations, it also includes great deals & peace of mind knowing that your pet is well looked after.
Ashwood Pet Club is different from your pet insurance. Pet insurance is for illness and injury and a good policy is of vital importance. 

What's included in the Ashwood Pet Club?

UNLIMITED veterinary consultations

UNLIMITED nurse consultations

Annual Vaccinations*

Annual Kennel Cough Vaccination (Dogs)

Year-round Veterinary worm and flea prevention

24/7 video vet-care access

50% off microchipping

20% discount on nail clipping

20% discount on anal gland expression

10% off our premium Ashwood food ranges

10% off dentistry

Free insurance claim administration

Pet Club Prices

*This also includes puppy vaccinations and restarting lapsed vaccinations

To Join our Ashwood Pet Club, please visit us in clinic to set up your account and chat more with us about the T&Cs. Thanks!

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