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Cruciate Repair in Dogs

Experts in Cruciate surgery. Pain free commitment.

Orthopaedic team

Our Orthopaedic Surgeons, Patrick McKee & Niall Thompson, have repaired hundreds of cruciate ligament injuries. Our expertise, unique surgical approach and pain free commitment consistently results in a smooth recovery and excellent long term exercise ability.


The damage caused...

When a cruciate ligament tears, the back leg becomes unstable and inflamed. The joint becomes damaged as the bones grind together.

Walking becomes very painful as arthritis progresses. The thigh muscles rapidly waste away through reduced use. If left untreated, severe osteo-arthritis sets into the stifle joint resulting in permanent joint damage. 

What type of surgery is best?

There are many people offering cruciate surgery with many different methods. However, cruciate repair surgery requires a very careful and planned approach to get consistently good results, with great care taken in getting the detail of the surgery correct for each patient.


Patrick and Niall apply these meticulous surgical principles to every case. In most, but not all, cases, we operate using a modified Rotating and Reducing Cranial Closing Wedge Ostectomy (sometimes referred to as a Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy, 'TPLO').  This is a technique we have uniquely developed to make the repair very secure, maximise comfort and achieve excellent return to exercise.

How do we get great results?

Cruciate Repair Testimonial

Pepper, 11yo, Cocker Spaniel



Pepper, 11yo, Cocker Spaniel