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Patella Surgery in Dogs

Experts in Patella surgery. Pain free commitment.

Orthopaedic team

Our Orthopaedic Surgeons, Patrick McKee & Niall Thompson, have a wealth of experience in surgically managing cases of patella luxation. Our expertise, unique surgical approach and pain free commitment consistently results in a smooth recovery and excellent long term exercise ability.


The damage caused...

When the patella (kneecap) is tracking incorrectly, the back leg becomes unstable and a subtle 'hop' is often noticed as the dog walks. The joint becomes damaged as the kneecap rubs against the wrong side of it's groove.

Walking is usially non-painful at first, but becomes painful as arthritis progresses. The thigh muscles slowly waste away through reduced use. If left untreated, severe osteo-arthritis sets into the joint resulting in permanent joint damage. 

What type of surgery is best?

Patellar luxation correction surgery requires a very careful and planned approach to get consistently good results, with great care taken in getting the detail of the surgery correct for each patient. 


Patrick and Niall apply these meticulous surgical principles to every case. In most, but not all, cases, we operate using a Ridgestop implant. This is a technique which is minimally invasive, has minimal healing time, maximises comfort and achieves excellent return to exercise.

How do we get great results?

Patella Surgery Testimonials

Pablo, 4 years old, Pug - Luxating patella repair right hind leg



"Pablo injured his left hind leg and was limping quite significantly on it, causing pain & discomfort. I made an appointment as soon as possible, and Pablo was diagnosed with a luxating patella in his left hind leg. This required an operation to fix it. 

I was very nervous about Pablo going under anaesthetic considering his breed, but Patrick put me at ease detailing the procedure at length and the precautions taken regarding his breathing. I knew he was going to be well looked after but was nervous leaving him.  

I received plenty of calls updating me during and after the procedure and when I collected Pablo that evening his leg was shaven and the stitches were neatly down his leg. He was sleepy when I got him home but in no pain. I was provided after care advice and painkillers to take home. I was contacted the next day to check on Pablo’s recovery and Pablo was provided with physiotherapy at our next visit. Pablo is now back to running on the beach and enjoying chasing his ball!

I was very grateful to everyone at Ashwood for looking after Pablo. He is a valuable part of our family and I knew Pablo would receive the best quality care at Ashwood."

Janine Andrews

Owner of Pablo the 4 year old Pug treated for a luxating patella with the Ridgestop procedure.

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